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100% Natural, Grass Fed Beef, Free Range Chicken, Pastured Pork

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What is EcoYumYum?

Eco: Being a Conscientious Company, as Eco Friendly as we can, Support Local Sustainable Farming, Help Grow the Local Economy.

Yum: All our animals are raised with respect and dignity, in humane and low-stress environments. ALL our animals are rasied without the use of antibiotics, chemicals, drugs or growth promoting hormones.

Yum: Provide 100% Natural, Grass Fed and Pastured Animals from birth to market on local family farms. This method produces a Healthier Delicious Product!

EcoYumYum Family of Farms

Our Family of Farms have a combined total 200+ years of healthy farming practices. All products marketed by EcoYumYum are regulated, inspected and approved by the Government Agency in Charge of this industry.

EcoYumYum Freshness Guarantee

EcoYumYum meat products are processed and flash frozen before they are shipped to lock in freshness.

Supermarket meat products are processed, placed in a fridge for days, shipped in a truck to a supermarket, put in a fridge for days, placed on a self for days, purchased by you and placed in a fridge for days, then finally consumed.

With all those days that the supermarket meat products are siting around compared to our EcoYumYum meat products. You can be Guaranteed that our meat products are the freshest around!

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